Group 6: Taha, Khalid, Yousef


Pollution is a serious problem that affects our life . It is the most important issue in our century because it increases rapidly . Air pollution and water pollution are examples of pollution . Air pollution is very dangerous because it causes many diseases such as cancer and lung problems . Factories and cars are the main causes of air pollution .

Air_pollution_1.jpg air-pollution-systems.jpg car_pollution.jpg

It is obligatory to face this by using filters to reduce the resulting gases . In addition , water pollution icreases nowadays because of human activities . Human affect the sea life by throwing garbages in rivers and seas .

water_pollution_-1.gif water_-2.jpg polution-in-lake-michigan_5106.jpg

It is a must to be aware of the dangers that come from doing this so as to protect our environment not to destroy it . There are many other types of pollution that harm us and are alot to be mentioned .

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