Kuwait University

ESP, EAP, and EFL Classes (Spring 2006 - Present)

Instructor: Buthaina Al-Othman

This Wikispaces created for my English classes at Kuwait University

Click the image to see image source
Click the image to see image source

  • Go to Class Blog at: http://beta-efs123.blogspot.com/

  • To go to your wikispaces, please Click on the Academic semester year located on the left side navigation menu.

  • Students are welcome to create their own wiki pages to share stuff, such as favorite sites, images, and videos.

  • Please check out the Resources page with links to English grammar websites, reading, writing, and listening activities.

  • Also, you can browse this wiki to visit other pages, using the navigation menu on the left side of this wikispaces.

Instructor of these classes, Buthaina Al Othman hopes that you enjoy the sharing and learning experience on this learning environment by Wikispaces.