Group 7: Abdalla A., Osama, and Ahmed.Z

Alternative Energy

by Abdalla A.

Alternative energy is a term used for some energy sources, and energy storage technologies. Generally, it indicates energies that are non-traditional and have low environmental impact. The term alternative is used to contrast with fossil fuels according to some sources, and some sources may use it interchangeably with renewable energy . Renewable energies are energies that are infinite because they come from nature, such as the sun, the wind, and the temperature of the earth. So why not use the power of mother nature rather than wasting rich sources of energy that are not infinite such as fuel. So basically alternative energy is energy that is fuelled in many different ways that do not use natural resources such as oil, gas, uranium, etc. or that do not harm the environment. Pollution from natural resources has destroyed mother earth or is destroying mother earth. It has been recorded that only in one year 6 billion tones of pollution (carbon monoxide, sulphur trioxide, and other toxic gases) is produced from the burning of fuel (used nowadays to produce electricity). It is known that if the condition remains the same way then life will not be entertaining. Plants, animals and millions of other species will get extinct leaving nothing behind.

So this is how important alternative energy is to mankind. This should actually give us power and strength to search and invent other ways to produce energy without harming the environment and using up natural resources.
As there are many different ways in which energy can be produced, there are some disadvantages for using such sources such as Solar Energy, Wind Power, Geothermal Energy, Tidal Power and Hydroelectric Energy, we are going to deal with one of these methods with detail.

Solar Energy:


Solar Energy is radiation from the Sun that can produce heat, generate electricity or cause chemical reactions. Solar collectors collect solar radiation and transfer it as heat to a carrier fluid. It can then be used for heating.

We receive about 35000 times the total energy consumed by man from the sun. Although, about a third of the energy given by the sun is either absorbed, or reflected due to the outer atmosphere, Solar energy is still one of the most resourceful sources of energy.

A developement that has been made that uses Solar energy to heat up homes or even swimming pools. On the other hand, Solar energy can be used to run vehicles and large machines in factories.


The initial cost is the main disadvantage of installing a solar energy system, largely because of the high cost of the semi-conducting materials used in building one. Solar panels require quite a large area for installation to achieve a good level of efficiency. (What about the cost of professional workers who are needed to do the job! would they be paid as any other construction worker, for instance? Can we consider this as another disadvantage, as well?)

The main disadvantage of alternative energy is that it can be expensive to implement into our already set up infrastructure. Most of the alternative energy resources available today require a different type of wiring system than what we currently have in place. But of course mankind will pay anything in hand and do anything they can to change this world into a cleaner place and make this world a better place to live in.



Last but not least I would like to thank Ms. Buthaina for actually spending her time helping me throughout this project and I hope her the best of luck in her future life and work.