Student-Group Work

Recently, we have agreed on that those of you who wish to improve their grades need to work on a final project collaboratively with their group members. Some students have already expressed interest and requested more information on What projects they can do and How to publish a project through this class wiki.

I have suggested the following:
(But if you have other suggestions, just let me know)
1) Select a topic that you are interested in to write a process or a description paragraph. OR select one of the topics included in our English 123 textbook, English for Science (EfS).
2) You need to work on your project using a page on this Wiki.
3) To go to your Group Wiki Page, click on your Group listed on the table, below.
3) To illustrate your project, add multimedia files, like images, and audio/video clips.
4) Remember that you need to join this Wiki before starting your work.
5) To join this Wiki, please click on JOIN shown on the top of this page, and then follow the instructions provided to complete your registration process.
Group #
Instructor's Comment
Group 1
Basil, Abdulla, Ghanim

Group 2
Hassan, Shady, Abdallah Ali

Group 3
Ali, Fawaz, Mesheri

Group 4
Dhary, Hady, Sanad

Group 5
Mohammed, Fawaz, Fahad

Group 6
Taha, Khalid, Yousef
Thanks, Taha for your great work. Your topic is very important, but please read my note at the bottom of your project page.
Group 7
Osama, Ahmed.Z, Abdulla A
Thanks Abdalla for your great work. I really enjoyed reading your project. (Thanks for editing the needed part; your report looks much better now)
Group 8
Aziz, Ali.H, Mahdi

Group 9
Rashed, Modar, Alaa

Please let me know should you need further clarification or assistance. Feel free to post your questions or suggestions to this page or to our Facebook group or to our class Twitter)
Thanks in advance for your hard work, and good luck :)

Ms. Buthaina